The general model of computer

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The general model of the computer includes an input device, a processor, a memory, a storage device, an output device, and bus systems. Based on the general model of a computer, we can know the basic components of a computer.

1. General model of computer

General model of computer

(1) Input device

These are devices used for inputting data into a computer, such as a keyboard, mouse, webcam, scanner, and so on.

(2) Processor

It is a data processing device, that manages and controls the computer’s activities, called CPU (Central Processing Unit).

(3) Memory

These are devices that store data temporarily while the computer is running, such as RAM, cache, etc.

(4) Storage device

These are data storage devices for computers, even when the computer is not working such as hard disk drives, USB, etc.

(5) Output device

These are devices that display and output data from machines such as monitors, printers, speakers, projectors, etc.

(6) Bus system

These are communication systems that connect devices and transmit data between them.

2. Basic components in a computer

Basic components in computer

The computer’s devices are categorized as either internal or external, based on where they are connected.

  • Internal devices: mainboard, CPU, Memory (RAM, ROM), HDD, CD-ROM Drive,…
  • External devices: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner,…
Some components in computer
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