Difference between PC, Desktop and Laptop

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You have heard of computer, PC, Desktop or Laptop. What is difference between them? This lesson will help you answer this question.

1. What is computer?

Computer is an electronic device used to calculate and process data thanks to a pre-programmed program.

Computer processing
Computer processing

2. Definition of PC (Personal Computer)

PC is a type of computer designed for personal use. Personal computers include desktops and laptops.

3. What is Desktop?

Desktops are designed to be in a fixed location with high performance, high energy consumption. Desktop also known as “PC (Personal Computer)”.


4. Definition of Laptop

Laptops are designed to use batteries, have high mobility. Laptops are often distinguished by screen size. For example, a laptop with a screen of 14 inches or more, a notebook with a screen of 13 inches, etc.

What is laptop?
What is laptop?
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