Features of BIOS program and BIOS configurations

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This article will introduce the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) program and how to set up the basic BIOS program in the computer.

1. Function of BIOS program

BIOS is a set of programs that guide the basic operation of the computer and configure the computer. The BIOS is loaded into Read-Only Memory (ROM) on the motherboard by the manufacturer.

When starting the computer, the BIOS is the first program that is executed by the CPU. The BIOS contains instructions that instruct the CPU to perform the POST (Power On Self Test) process to test components of computer.

Starting computer process

2. BIOS configurations

In some cases, we need to change some computer configuration settings. Therefore, need to enter the BIOS to reset.

How to enter BIOS

To enter the BIOS program, start the computer and press “Delete”, “F2” or “F10” key, etc. depending on the computer manufacturer. In some cases, you should try all possible keys.

Computer manufacturerKey to enter BIOS

Some settings in BIOS

UEFI/Legacy Boot Mode

Legacy or UEFI Boot Mode

Set BIOS password

Set password for BIOS

Configure Boot device

Configure Boot device

Load default BIOS

Load setup defaults of BIOS
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