Introduction to Computer Hardware Practice

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1. Subject summary

The subject of Computer Hardware Practice covers the following main topics:

  • How to take apart and rebuild a desktop computer
  • Understanding the specifications of computer components
  • Partitioning the hard disk drive and installing software on the computer

2. Subject content

2.1. How to take apart and rebuild a Desktop

1Introduction to Computer Hardware Practice
2Steps to disassemble a computer
3How to connect the Front Panel connectors to the motherboard
4Recognizing components of the motherboard – Part 1
5Recognizing components of the motherboard – Part 2
6How to test the ATX power supply for the computer
7Specifications of some common peripherals
8In-class exam: Identify and disassemble components of a Desktop

2.2. Setup computer

9Practice typing with 10 fingers and install some common software
10Create virtual machines with VMware Workstation
11Partition hard disk drive using Hiren’s BootCD
12Install Windows 10 operating system on the virtual machine
13Back up and restore the operating system with Norton Ghost
14Install the CentOS operating system on the virtual machine
15Using Command Prompt on Windows 10
16In-class exam: install OS and use Command Prompt
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