In-class exam: install OS and use Command Prompt

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1. Lesson objectives

Review the knowledge of installing operating systems and using the Command Prompt command line interface.

Test your ability to install OS and use the Command Prompt.

2. How to make an examination

Students are required to take a practice test on a computer, which is divided into two parts: installing the computer and using Command Prompt. The test duration is 90 minutes.

3. A sample test


Create a virtual machine with Hard Disk: 100 GB, and RAM: 1024MB. Next, please make the following requests:

a) Partition the hard disk:

BACKUP: 10 GB (Logical Partition – NTFS)

DATA: 70 GB (Logical Partition – FAT32)

OS: 20 GB (Primary Partition – NTFS)

b) Reformat the DATA partition to NTFS

c) Split the DATA partition into 2 partitions as follows:



d) Merge OS & DATA partition into a primary partition named OS.

e) Install Windows 10 into the OS partition.

f) Back up the OS partition and save it as win10.GHO file in BACKUP.

h) Restore file win_10.GHO to TEMP partition.

i) Set up to start Windows 10 from the TEMP.


Use Command Prompt to execute the following commands:

CMD test
CMD test

Based on the above directory tree:

1. Create a directory tree as shown above

2. Create a VAN folder in the CDTH30 folder

3. Create VB1.TXT file in VAN folder with the below content:

Buoc toi Deo Ngang, bong xe ta Co cay chen da, la chen hoa

4. Create VB2.TXT file in VAN folder with the below content:

Lom khom duoi nui, tieu vai chu Lac dac ben song, cho may nha

5. Merge VB1.TXT and VB2.TXT into THO.TXT file in the VAN folder

6. Rename the THO.TXT file to THOLUCBAT.TXT

7. View the contents of the THOLUCBAT.TXT file

8. View all files and folders in CDTH30 in the tree view

9. Move the THOLUCBAT.TXT file to the CDTH30 folder

10. Delete the VAN folder

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