In-class exam: Identify and disassemble components of a Desktop

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1. Lesson objectives

This is a test to disassemble and identify the desktop computer’s components.

2. Instruments of preparation

Each student prepares the following tools:

Main tools:

  • 01 Desktop computer
  • 01 screwdriver
  • 01 screw box

Support tools:

  • 01 computer cleaning brush
  • 01 cleaning cloth

3. How to conduct an examination

Students have 30 minutes to disassemble and assemble a desktop computer. They will gain ten points if they complete the task on time and correctly disassemble and assemble the desktop.

Afterward, students have 15 minutes to answer review questions. One point will be deducted from the points earned for each incorrect answer to a review question.

4. Questions for Review

There are fifteen tests, and each test contains five questions that cover basic computer hardware knowledge and how to recognize components of a desktop computer.

Students are required to download the review questions here.

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