Computer Hardware (42 posts)

– Basic computer concepts.
– Architecture and general model of computer.
– Essential components of a computer.
– How to install operating systems and typical software for computers.

Computer Hardware Practice (16 posts)

– How to take apart and rebuild a desktop computer
– Understanding the specifications of computer components
– Partitioning the hard disk drive and installing software on the computer

Introduction to Programming (1 posts)

– Fundamental programming concepts.
– Programming using control structures and functions, with experience processing array and structured data types.
– Knowledge of the C/C++ programming language using the Microsoft Visual Studio editor.
– Programming computer programs to solve real-world problems.

Python Programming Language (54 posts)

– The concepts of Python programming language.
– Essential components, and data structures of Python programming language.
– Processing operations with files in Python programming language.
– Process XML and JSON files with Python programming language.
– Connect database management systems to Python.
– Object-oriented programming in the Python programming language.