Types of ICs (Integrated Circuits) commonly found on mainboard

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IC (Integrated Circuit) is an electrical circuit that connects electronic components together to perform a specified function. CPU, Northbridge chipset, Southbridge chipset are also IC on mainboard. Mainboard has other types of ICs such as IC SIO, IC Sound, IC Card Net, IC oscillator of power, etc.


IC SIO is abbreviation for Super Input/Output.

It is responsible for combining with the Southbridge chipset to manage the power on and off for the mainboard. In addition, IC SIO is also responsible for managing and receiving signals from peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse, etc.

How to recognize IC SIO on mainboard?

– It is a square IC, usually has 4 rows of pins. IC SIO is one of the largest IC on the machine.

– Above of IC SIO, name of manufacturers is written such as ITE, Winbond, SMSC, NUVOTON, …


2. IC Sound

IC Sound has the function of processing audio signals on the mainboard. Common IC sound are manufactured by Realtek. These ICs usually have IC codes that start with ALC (Automatic Level Control) such as ALC662, ALC889, etc.

IC Sound on mainboard

3. IC Network

IC Network has the function of handling network signals sent to the mainboard. Common IC netword are manufactured by Realtek. These ICs usually have IC codes that start with RTL (Register Transfer Level) such as RTL8110, RTL8210, etc.

IC network

4. IC oscillator of power

The IC oscillator of power is responsible for generating electrical impulses to control the mosfets operation in power supply circuits. They are small ICs, usually with 2 or 4 rows of pins, usually standing near the mosfets and coils. IC codes usually have symbols such as MAX…, ISL…, RT…, ADP…. For example, MAX 1631, ISL6262, etc.

IC oscillator of power

There are many types of power oscillator ICs such as IC RAM power oscillator, IC CPU power oscillator, IC chipset power oscillator, etc.

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