Steps to disassemble and rebuild a Desktop

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1. Lesson objectives

  • Understand the structure of the Desktop case
  • Steps of disassembling a Desktop case
  • Practice disassembling the Desktop case

2. Preparation of instruments

Each student prepares the following tools:

Main tools:

  • 01 Desktop case
  • 01 screwdriver
  • 01 screw box

Support tools:

  • 01 computer cleaning brush
  • 01 cleaning cloth

3. Steps to disassemble and rebuild the Desktop

3.1. Steps to disassemble the Desktop

1. Remove the case cover

2. Remove the power supply unit (PSU)

3. Disconnect the signal cables

4. Disconnect the data cables

5. Remove RAM, expansion cards

6. Remove the mainboard from the case

7. Remove the cooling fan and CPU

8. Remove the hard disk drive, optical disc drive, floppy disk drive from the Desktop case

3.2. Steps to rebuild the Desktop

To rebuild the Desktop, you insert the components in the opposite order you removed them.

1. Insert the hard disk drive, optical disc drive, floppy disk drive from the Desktop case

2. Insert the cooling fan and CPU

3. Insert the mainboard to the case

4. Insert RAM, expansion cards

5. Plug in the data cables

6. Plug in the signal cables

7. Insert the power supply unit (PSU)

8. Insert the case cover

3.3. Regulations

  • Disassemble the wrong steps (-1 point)
  • Set the computer components untidy (-1 point)
  • Dropping computer components (-1 point)
  • Drop screws (-1 point)
  • Insert wrong components (-1 point)
  • Late (-1 point)

4. Requirement of practice

  • Each student receives practical tools.
  • Disassemble and rebuild the Desktop step by step and follow the regulations.
  • Complete the practice sheet for lesson 02.
  • Take pictures, record videos for documentation.

5. Practice sheet

Each student downloads the practice sheet here, photo it and bring it with you when you practice.

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